How has new media affected literacy and information consumption?


How has new media affected literacy and information consumption? How is this different from older forms of media? In your discussion, use any THREE media theories that you have been introduced to during this course.  You are free to choose any three theories; some examples are the various media effects theories such as the magic bullet theory, and the three theories you worked with in Essay 1 (Reading 3). Additional theories were presented in Reading 11.  Your essay has a minimum of three full pages in length, (not including the cover page or reference/bibliography page); You must use a minimum of two academic sources (aka peer reviewed or scholarly sources such as books, articles, chapters) as your secondary references. Please find new sources – our course readings can be used but don’t count towards the minimum of two academic sources. Make sure that your sources discuss and/or answer the question; In addition to the two academic sources, you are allowed to use data from official organizational websites (.org or .gov) but make sure to properly cite all online sources. For this paper, you may not use sources such as Wikipedia, online dictionaries; Regarding formatting: Type, use font size 12; Double line spacing; Standard margins (1 inch on top and bottom, 1.25 inches on left and right side); Use a separate cover page which includes your name and the course. Do not put this info on any other page but the cover page. Use a separate page for your references/bibliography (you may choose the style, APA, MLA, etc.); Upload your work to Turnitin on Blackboard in a format that Turnitin accepts. I cannot accept emailed assignments. The thought behind the research paper is your ability to show an understanding of the course material IN YOUR OWN WORDS. You need to write your own work, these are not group projects. Make sure that at least 90% of your answers consist of your words and your analysis. Thus, NO excessive quoting and NO excessive paraphrasing. Also, do not (re)use parts of assignments from other courses or from earlier assignments for this course. When you think a short citation from a text could strengthen your analysis, it is important to be accurate with the citation. In order to prevent plagiarism, whenever you use a theory, an idea, or data in general (including from graphs and tables) that are not yours, you need to give the correct source of your writings.

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How has new media affected literacy and information consumption?
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