How does the West confine women of colors’ bodies?

Regulation of Men’s Bodies

For each reflection prompt, please refer to the Reflection Prompt rubric. You will need to connect your prompt to at least 1 of the assigned readings from last week.

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How does the West confine women of colors’ bodies?
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Do note, that you should not rely or overly use the PowerPoint to answer your question because your prompts will be graded based on your comprehension of the readings. Some of the bullet points from the PowerPoint only summarizes. You will need to explain the context. Again, context matters, so make sure you understand and can fully grasp the ideas, critical concepts, and frameworks from each reading.

Make sure you have a clear, brief thesis in your prompt. You should be able to position an argument in your writings. For these prompts, I strongly recommend that it either be the first sentence that introduces your line of thought or the last sentence of your first paragraph. (Remember these prompts are 350-450 words.)

You will be deducted 2 points for every source you don’t provide in-text citations for. Keep in mind that every quote has to include an in-text citation; otherwise, this is a form of unintentional plagiarism. And you will be deducted 5-10 points (depending on the severity) for every sentence Turnitin reports as a word-for-word copy; this includes not quoting or providing in-text citations. It’s cheating when you’re lifting passages from websites or from your peers and framing it as your own.

Do not submit a Word document. Write your text in the box and submit it. Or, first write your prompt on Word and then copy and paste it. The submissions portal for the prompts will not read or recode the Word document.

No late or emailed submissions this time. Please keep up with the Course Schedule.

Reflection Prompt #3:

Choose only 1 of the prompts to answer:

  1. What are your thoughts on the idea/argument that men’s bodies should also be regulated, especially when women’s bodies have been historically regulated for centuries? Articulate your thoughts clearly.
  1. How does Western beauty standards and body politics perpetuate racism, sexism, or xenophobia? How does the West confine women of colors’ bodies? Provide specific examples from any of the readings you see fit.
  1. Abortion will remain a contested issue. Regardless of your religious or political standpoints, why is abortion a universal healthcare right for individuals? Or, should it not be? Be articulate and convey your thoughts.
  1. This question solely focuses on women and their periods, so it will be rather exclusionary: If women are the ones who experience menstruation and are affected by it, why do men in positions of power get to control and determine women’s health and bodies? (The same question can be applied to abortions.)

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