How does nursing practice deviates from evidence-based practice?

Central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs

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How does nursing practice deviates from evidence-based practice?
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Assess the needs of hospitalized patients and identify a clinical problem to evaluate the most current evidence-based practice.

Identify strategies to improve quality of care and patient safety by planning changes related to evidence-based practice

Demonstrate quality patient care in clinical by integrating current evidence into their nursing practice.


Choose a topic that is relevant to your clinical site. Research the evidence behind nursing interventions commonly performed in the area where you are completing your clinical rotation (ideas include central line care, sepsis screening protocols, alcohol withdrawal protocols, acuity tools/staffing rations, quiet hours and noise levels, etc.). Have your topic approved by your clinical instructor. Find three (3) scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles that pertain to your chosen topic. These may be three sources that support one particular intervention/protocol, or you may present sources that represent conflicting viewpoints on best practices.

During your presentation, you will discuss the most current evidence pertaining to your chosen topic. Then you will compare what you find in the research literature to what you are witnessing at your clinical site. Provide a one (1) page, typed, APA format (include citations and references) paper that discusses the topic and why you chose this subject. This paper will be submitted to Black board for your clinical instructor to grade along with your presentation. Include the following information:

Does the nursing practice match the best practices you have researched?
If so, identify how best practices match nursing practice.
If not, identify how nursing practice deviates from evidence-based practice.
If you feel there are areas for improvement, what changes would you suggest to influence best nursing practice?

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