How can society help children during covid-19


This assignment is in two parts. The first part is to identify literature related to COVID-19 or racial justice and to use the literature to formulate a researchable question or hypothesis. The student must include definition of key terms in relation to the topic. The second part is to identify a theoretical framework: social work research is often grounded in a specific philosophical or theoretical reasoning that provides the foundation for the research. Based on the theme area you have chosen, identify any theoretical framework(s) or theories that can be used to understand your topic. Your theoretical perspective may be drawn from one of the following theoretical perspectives below. Describe (1-2 paragraphs) how this theory is applicable to your topic and supported by literature: See guidelines below: ·         Social justice perspective ·         Strength perspective ·         Systems theory ·         Social constructionist perspective ·         Conflict theory ·         Critical Race Theory ·         Ecological theory  ·         Intersectionality theory ·         Empowerment theory ·         Risk and resilience perspective ·         Others (you may identify your own)   Guidelines: Your paper must: ·         Be well written-grammatically correct, well organized, clear and concise ·         Adhere to all APA guidelines ·         4-6 pages in length ·         Include in text citations and a reference page for a MINIMUM of 4 sources of empirical studies. One of the sources must be related to relevant theory ·         Sources must come from reputable (peer-reviewed) journals. Internet and google sources will NOT be accepted except from government and nonprofit websites or Google Scholar.   Paper Outline: I.                    Title Page with a Running Head (adhering to APA guidelines) a.       Name b.      Institution c.       Course number and title d.      Title of Paper (clearly summarize the topic of research)   II.                 Introduction (one to three paragraphs) without the word introduction a.       Clearly state the research topic b.      Clearly state the research question/hypothesis, where applicable c.       Identify the purpose of the study d.      Articulate the need and rationale for the study e.       Articulate the impact of the study (relevance to social work practice)   III.              Mini Literature Review (minimum of 4 peer-reviewed articles) a.       Review the broad array of research in this area. E.g., how big is the problem locally and nationally or internationally? Provide statistics from the literature to support your claims. b.      Review literature that is related to your research question c.       Identify the strengths and limitations of the literature on this topic. E.g., are study samples big enough  and diverse for generalization, were samples selected randomly or not, are study designs cross-sectional or longitudinal, etc. d.      Provide evidence of 1-2 gaps or missing pieces in this research area and how your study will fill these gaps IV.              Identify a theoretical framework or perspective that is related to your topic or question (see above) a.       Articulate the background and philosophical foundations/assumptions of the theory. For example, what are the philosophical foundations of the strength perspective? See this link for background of this theory:–based-approach-definition-history-philisophy-principles-and-practice b.      Articulate how the theory or perspective will help to explain your research problem Note: The paper should be formatted in a narrative form with subheadings, not numbered or listed sequentially

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How can society help children during covid-19
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