Hospitality Marketing Campaign Project


In this project, create a project that will apply the basic concepts of marketing and gain knowledge on how these concepts are developed in the hospitality industry.  Select a current hotel, restaurant, theme park, cruise line or airlines company and describe at least three of the features of this company that you find interesting.  1. Describe the company’s marketing efforts and provide recommendations.  2. Establish which of the products and services require top advertising needs.  3. Create a proposal for the company and which specific target market(s) it will serve.  4. Produce a statement of marketing strategy, including which marketing channels to use. 5. Determine their needs for branding and product placement in the industry. 6. Explain how the brand differentiates from its’ competitors.  7. Develop marketing strategies for promoting these products and services. What type of sales  promotions and strategies would you use to promote this company?  prepare the assignment using Microsoft Word and submit via Canvas. select a company (cannot repeat, meaning only one person can have a certain company) and post the name of the company/brand in the discussion labeled “Marketing Paper – Company Name”. You must use a minimum of three sources. These sources should be from Professional / Educational Journals or Periodicals. Articles from the internet are acceptable, but they should be from reliable sources.  Please remember that “Wikipedia” is not a professional/educational journal or periodical.  You should list all of your sources at the end of the paper, and proper credit should be given to the author of your sources.  Proper APA citation must be used for all documentation of sources. The project must be typed, double-spaced with a minimum of 750 words, maximum of 1000 words (excluding cover page and references). Please be sure to include a cover page and reference page; refer to this link for more information on how to follow proper APA research paper format:

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Hospitality Marketing Campaign Project
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