Horror Files

Research Paper Rubric Intro ·        Has a creative hook that effectively introduces the thesis ·        Introduces the author (full name) and the title of the work (italicized) ·        Gives sufficient & pointed background info relevant to the thesis (neither too much nor too little) Thesis Sentence (Do not change my thesis sentence) Horror files have change drastically from its beginnings thought acting, increase plot point and the use of special effects. ·        Is clear, focused, and specific ·        Clearly, thoroughly, and accurately answers the entire prompt Body/Evidence (All Body Paragraphs Include) ·        Topic sentence clearly states main idea of the paragraph ·        Ideas/details/evidence clearly support thesis ·        Creative & accurate use of all evidence Conclusion ·        Restates the thesis in interesting way ·        Strongly unifies the ideas in the paper ·        Leaves a strong impact on the reader by answering the question, “So what?” Structure ·        Paper is very well organized ·        Papers flows, using transitions between points and paragraphs ·        Presents argument in a clear and logical sequence Mechanics ·        Completely accurate use of grammar ·        Variety in sentence structure ·        No spelling errors ·        Extensive variety in word selection MLA Format ·        Paper always uses proper MLA format (i.e. heading, margins, font, spacing, page numbers, & works cited) All sources are properly cited both in the body of the paper and on the works cited page

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Horror Files
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