History of the 7th-15th century Islam


Essay Questions: You are required to write 1 Essay. Select one question and write a  2000-2500 word essay. Use the essay writing guidelines provided.You are expected to use your required course readings/textbook as a core part of your essay writing and  bibliography in addition to outside sources as well.  You must use APA (strictly enforced, see instructions provided). Outline and discuss the period known as “Imperial Islam,” from its origins in the 7th century when Islam emerged as a major force in the Mediterranean region under the rightly guided Caliphs until the beginning of its long decline and fragmentation during the Abbasid Caliphate in the mid 10th century. Outline and discuss the origins and rise of the Shi’ite schism in the Islamic world culminating in the rupturing of the Caliphate with the establishment of Fatimid rule in Egypt until its termination at the hands of Salah Al-Din in 1171. Outline and discuss the state of the Muslim world from the end of the 11th century beginning with the pressure of external military threats from the Crusades in the West and the Mongols from the East up to and including the rise of the Mamluks in Egypt. Outline the rise and fall of Muslim Spain from its foundation by the Umayyads in 711 to the fall of Grenada.  What were the accomplishments of the “Golden Age” of Islam and discuss their influence on the revival of science and learning in Western Europe? Outline and discuss the events leading up to and including the conquest of Constantinople by Mehmet II “Al-Fatih” in 1453.

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History of the 7th-15th century Islam
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Fatimids – Daftary – EI v IX p 423 8 The Coming of Islam – Amr Al-Azm Additional Resources For Writing Assignment Readings

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