Health issue: Obesity

Nursing in the community final project

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Details: Part II Core information

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Health issue: Obesity
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• Population needs assessment: techniques used, tools/framework
• Priority health issues; reference
• Process, research (primary, secondary data)
• Data analysis and comparison, issues or concerns
• Interventions (3 total) primary/secondary/ tertiary
• Promotion, outreach, awareness
• Community health nurse anticipatory guidance
• Lessons learned/ personal thoughts


• Use Montgomery county, Zip code 20848 as the population
• The health issue is Obesity in Montgomery with a focus on Rockville. Rockville is the largest in Montgomery County.
• Indicate if it a mixed race.
• Do you have an older adult in your community.
• Talk about health policy related to the health issue.
• Watch the rate of COVID-19 in admission patients in the hospital.

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