Health care organization

Part A: From three laws that the U.S. Congress has passed since 1965 that have had an impact on U.S. health care.

what are the purposes of the three laws?
What are their similarities?
What are their differences?
How have how they have affected the financing of health care?
How have they affected access to health care?

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Health care organization
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Part B: The following equation is a fundamental concept for accounting: assets = liabilities + net worth.

What is a mnemonic that you can use to help you remember it?
What are examples that a health care organization would put for each of the three categories?
On which side of the equation would payment for health care services provided be placed and why?

Part C: Ratios are used to review the financial operations of a business.

What are current, quick, and debt-to-net-worth ratios?
what is one example of a health care organization’s balance sheet and calculate them?
what information can be gained from them?
Do you think the organization is in good financial standing?
If you think any of the ratios could be improved, what suggestions would you provide to the health care organization?

Part D: In your opinion, what makes up the largest part of a health organization’s budget?

Why is this the case?
Why is it important for health care organizations to change and update a budget as needed?

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