Global issues



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Global issues
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Read 12 Page article attached in the file. Here is the link if it does not work. file:///Users/brandonperez/Downloads/Lee%202020%20The%20Endangered%20Asian%20Century.pdf The common assignment for Global Issues is an analytical essay.  Type using standard font and margins and double spaced lines.  You read the article assigned and answer the following questions in the format of one essay.  Do not just type underneath each question.  This is to be written as one essay.  Be sure you show your understanding of and ability to apply the theories, particularly Realism and Liberalism and to answer all the questions, but as one essay. Answer the following questions in one essay Question #1:  What is the global issue raised in this article? Provide specific examples from the article to support your answer. Question #2:  What is the main argument put forth by the author(s) in discussing this global issue?  What theoretical perspective (i.e., realist, liberal, conflict, etc.) is the author using? How do you know this? Does the author provide empirical evidence to support the argument?  What evidence?  Are they successful in effectively demonstrating their points?  Provide specific examples from the article to support your answer.  This question requires a lengthy answer and should be a few paragraphs long. Question #3:  Identify the main actors in the international system affected by this global issue and at which particular level of analysis that actor operates (individual, state/domestic, and systemic/global). How does this global issue affect the different actors in the international system, for example individuals, states, intergovernmental organizations, nongovernmental organizations, etc.?  Provide specific examples to illustrate your points.  Question #4:  Considering the relevance of this issue today, what should be done in the future? What actors should respond and how? In your answer address the impact on and/or response by individuals, states, and transnational actors (IGOs, NGOs, etc.).

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