Genetic Testing for Fragile X Syndrome


YOU SHOULD INTRODUCE YOUR TOPIC WITH THE INTENT OF GARNERING READER INTEREST AND INFORMING THEM WHY THIS IS AN IMPORTANT TOPIC.   THE BODY (SEE CRITERIA) IS WRITTEN IN OBJECTIVE, SCIENTIFIC LANGAUGE.   THE CONCLUSION CAN ENCOMPASS YOUR OPINION AND/OR EXPERIENCES SO HERE IT IS APPROPRIATE TO USE “I” AND MORE SUBJECTIVE LANGUAGE.   Seek advice from online librarians – helpful if you’ve not done a research paper or it’s been awhile     THE LINK ABOVE GIVES ACCESS TO EXPERT ADVICE ON SUCCESSFULLY WRITING YOUR APA RESEARCH PAPER.  For APA FORMAT GO TO OWL PURDUE WEBSITE – WE DON’T NEED TO DO/KNOW EVERYTHING – BUT YOU WILL NEED A TITLE PAGE, ABSTRACT AND HOW TO DO REFERENCES (IN-TEXT AND YOUR REFERENCE LIST) – POINT BEING DON’T GET TOO HUNG UP IN THE DETAILS.    Research Paper –     Your topic can be anything of interest within the course.  For example you can research Genetic Testing for Fragile X Syndrome or Middle School Victims of Bullying or Adolescent Male Eating Disorders or Gender Variations in Hearing Loss.   Please note specificity – not Eating Disorders but Adolescent Male Eating Disorders – make your topic as specific as possible (if not you’ll be overwhelmed).     You will need to get 2 sources of information, both from scholarly journal articles. If you are new to journals I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you talk to a librarian to help you find appropriate journal articles. I recommend beginning with Psych Article and EBSCO host electronic online data bases.    Even if you are experienced, journal articles take many readings to understand content- thus allow TIME to read, re-read, re-read, process and summarize. You are not expected to understand everything, particularly the statistics, but you need to get a general sense of the hypothesis/es, sample, methods and findings. Number 5 (below) gives criteria to help you do this —    Summarizing journal articles (do this for EACH article): USE YOUR OWN WORDS!!!  Name the type of research being conducted (longitudinal, cross-sectional, correlation, case study, experiment, etc.). Although you will not entirely understand the statistics in the results section of your articles, this section will reveal the type of research design that was used.   State the author’s hypothesis or hypotheses  Discuss the sample and how this applies/does not apply to entire population   Discuss the methods & procedures used (how the study was conducted)  Discuss the findings/results  Comment on results in relation to the author’s original hypothesis/es  Comment on how these results apply to your topic   The last section of your paper, or conclusion, will integrate all you’ve learned from the 2 sources you’ve reviewed in relation to your topic. Personal comments can be made in this section so you can now use “I” whereas in reviewing the literature you should write objectively.

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Genetic Testing for Fragile X Syndrome
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