Generate a RAC parity matrix

1. What does an ideal channel coding scheme achieve?

2. Give an example of a block error code used with character data.

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Generate a RAC parity matrix
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3. Compute the Hamming distance for the following pairs: ( 0000, 0001 ), ( 0101, 0001 ), ( 1111, 1001 ), and ( 0001, 1110 ).

4. Define the concept of Hamming distance.

1. Explain the concept of code rate. Is a high code rate or low code rate desirable?

2. How does one compute the minimum number of bit changes that can transform a valid codeword into another valid codeword?

3. What can a RAC scheme achieve that a single parity bit scheme cannot?

4. Generate a RAC parity matrix for a ( 20, 12 ) coding of the dataword 100011011111

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