Foundations of Management


Class:   It is not very often in life one gets the opportunity to engage in a deep introspective assessment of oneself and this is a very unique opportunity for you to do exactly this as same relates to your leadership authenticity. As we have seen both in the past and now how so many leaders have been accused of being inauthentic. More importantly, this label has been the downfall of a great number of individuals involved in everything from politics to the business world. Although the designation/label has been misused to inappropriately categorize some individuals, there is a template so to speak that could be utilized to determine the development of you as being authentic. While Lussier (2019) utilizes the definition of authentic from (Berkovich, 2014) as being to “develop open, honest, trusting relationships with followers, seeking their input (voice) to improve performance” (p. 245-264).   For definitional purposes, we shall utilize the one posited by George (2007) in his highly acclaimed book True North as being “based on what is most important to you, your most cherished values, your passions, and motivations, the sources of satisfaction in your life” (p. 23). However, Craig (2018) adduced that there are certain characteristics that all share commonality embodied in all authentic leaders as being: · Clarity of purpose · Self-awareness · Openness to all feedback · Transparency with direct reports · Living your values · Aligning others for success · Delivering sustainable business results · Flexibility of leadership styles · Vision and able to energize employees · Ability to have empathy · Effective decision-making · Ability to exhibit vulnerability Of course, there are myriad aspects of the authenticity phenomenon and one is more interesting and highly astute than the other. Your assignment concerns the seminal scholarly article as authored by George, P., Sims, P., McLean, A.N., & Mayer, D. (2007). Specifically, you are to respond to the queries set forth on p. 134 titled [Your Development as An Authentic Leader]. (A copy of the article is attached) Additional terms and conditions of this Term Project are:  · The first question should have a maximum length of no more than two (2)-substantive paragraphs · The second question has three (3)-parts and each section should have a maximum of two (2)-substantive paragraphs · The third question has four (4)-parts and each section should have a maximum of two (2)-substantive paragraphs · The fourth question has three (3)-parts and each section should have a maximum of two (2)-substantive paragraphs · The fifth question has three (3)-parts and each section should have a maximum of two (2)-substantive paragraphs · The sixth question has three (3)-parts and each section should have a maximum of two (2)-substantive paragraphs · The seventh question has four (4)-parts and each section should have a maximum of two (2)-substantive paragraphs · The eighth question has only one section but three (3) subsections and should have a maximum of two (2)-substantive paragraphs for each subsection. Please bear in mind that a formal paragraph consists of a minimum of four (4)-substantive sentences and a maximum of six (6)-substantive sentences.  It is extremely important that you REFRAIN from using the pronoun (I) in your paper because it is NOT acceptable when writing an APA (7th Ed.) project. This means that you will have to challenge yourself grammatically by re-structuring your sentences accordingly. Speaking of which, this submission must be compliant to the terms and conditions as set forth in the APA (7th Ed.) manual. However, I do NOT expect you to be totally proficient in APA writing, but it is important that you make a good attempt at doing so. Therefore, it is a good idea to review the prototype paper submitted to you in the Announcement Section of Moodle. In terms of scholarly citations within your submission, there should ONLY be two (2) scholarly sources within your project. Please bear in mind that direct quotes from any textbook (including the ones from this course) are NOT considered scholarly sources because they have not been peer reviewed by other scholars. A scholarly source is one that has been reviewed by other scholars and usually has been published in a scholarly journal in the form of an article. Also, do NOT quote more than thirty-nine (39) words from a source because I want you to express your feelings about yourself. he grading rubric for the Term Project is as follows:   Does the submission have clarity?                                                        30 percentage points Does the writer thoroughly answer the question(s) presented?            20 percentage points Is the paper free of spelling and grammar errors?                                  5 percentage points Is the document APA (6th Ed.) compliant?                                           10 percentage points Does the document have the required number of                                   5 percentage points scholarly sources? Does the writer rely upon concepts/models discussed                          30 percentage points during the term?                                                                                (Total)                   100 Points

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Foundations of Management
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