Final outline-persuasive Speech


Basic assignment description: You will outline your persuasive speech, making revisions based on the comments I wrote on your draft outline You cannot use your outline as your notes for your speech. You will use this to plan your speech. You will then use 3×5 note cards for your notes during your speech. 20 points Upload one copy to canvas before class begins and print one copy and bring it to class for peer review. You must be present in class for peer reviews to receive credit for your outline. There are outline templates in your textbook on p.80. If traditional outline formats (example linked here:Generic Outline Template CMST220.pdf) do not help you plan your ideas, then you can also use a flow chart, or a brainstorming chart (note that the example links are generic templates). Whichever format you use, your information must be clear, readable, uploaded to canvas, and include all the information listed below. Importantly, you must have parenthetical in-text citations that correspond to a correctly cited works cited or bibliography page, regardless of what format you choose. Outline requirements Before you begin: Your outline must include a clear claim of value or policy as a thesis statement, one that has been approved by Bridget Check your draft outline for my comments first. Be sure to keep my comments in mind as you make your revisions. General outline requirements: Your outline does not necessarily have to be in complete sentences, but you do need to provide complete ideas and it does have to be in one of the 3 formats for which generic examples are provided above (outline, flow chart, or brainstorming chart). Do not use placeholders like “include fact about animal abuse here.” You need to include that actual fact itself–and the accompanying citation–in the outline. For example: According to the Humane Society, cruelty to animals is correlated with violence against people” (Fowler). Similarly, do not write things like “connect the two above ideas here.” Your outline should provide me with concise summary of how you will make that connection. Your conclusion should summarize your main points and emphasizes the significance of your chosen issue. Describe your visual aide in 1 sentence or less at the beginning of the outline. Then write one additional sentence describing how the visual aide will support and enhance your argument. Source requirements : You must cite at least 5 credible sources At least 3 of your 5 sources must be different from the sources you cited in your informative speech/outlines. Your sources must be cited in in APA or MLA format. That means you must have in-text citations included throughout the entire outline, in addition to a works cited page, which must be in APA or MLA format There are sources for MLA and APA formatting in the left-hand navigation tools of canvas. Additionally, you can always ask the EdCC librarians for help, so you will lose points if you have incomplete or improperly cited sources. Introduction requirements: Your introduction must have a clear attention grabber/hook, a clear claim Your introduction must include your thesis Your introduction must include a clear preview of your main points Body Requirements: The outline should have a logical and clearly identifiable organizational pattern. It should be identifiable as either a problem-solution pattern, monroe’s motivational sequence, a refutation pattern, or a comparative advantage pattern (pp.184-187 in the textbook). This may begin in the introduction and will likely be indicated in the preview, but should pretty clearly reveal itself by the end of the first main point at the latest. Each main point should be supported with at least 3 pieces of credible evidence. Each piece of evidence should be connected to its corresponding point with clear line of reasoning All your claims and subclaims must be supported by sufficient and credible evidence Conclusion requirements: Your conclusion should summarize your main points, emphasize the significance of your chosen issue, and reiterate the change you want your audience to make/the action you want them to take

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Final outline-persuasive Speech
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