Film Project on Movie Clouds on Disney+


For this assignment, you will select a film/movie that contains elements related to death and dying that we have been discussing in class (No snuff or Rambo type films).  For the film project I am looking for content in terms of how much of the film’s content were you able to relate to the material we have covered throughout this course.  Include a brief synopsis of the film in terms of the characters and the death-related thematic focus.  Then, for example, include material that addresses:  does the film address death anxiety; how is the anxiety manifested and coped with; does it seem to be consistent with what research says about death anxiety?  What type of death is experienced? Are there any aspects of the death system for the culture of the film represented in the film?  What are the funerary customs like?  What types of grief are the characters experiencing, how do they cope with it, and what about the socially prescribed mourning?  In general, the more you can relate of the film to what has been covered during the course, the better.  Typical papers will run 3 – 4 pages (longer papers will not be penalized if relevant), using APA style for spacing (double), margins, headers, and reference page (typically just includes the film, the textbook, and 1 other source).  Do not spend 1 to 2 pages giving me a synopsis of the film.  Give me a Title Page (no abstract needed), and make sure your submissions are submitted through the Assignment dropbox by the due date of Dec. 5th, 09:00pm.

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Film Project on Movie Clouds on Disney+
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