Explanatory synthesis


For this third essay I would like for you to turn in explanatory synthesis there is no minimum page requirement but there is a 4 source requirement . 1. You must have a least four sources  2. These four must be accompanied by a proper annotated bibliography a major portion of my grade.  3. Your explanatory synthesis should be properly formatted in the manner of my discipline syllabus guid (social work) please make sure that my margins ,spacing and reference page ‘work cited page are correct. 4. And lastly must have a synthesized in at least two body paragraph or put another way you must have blended sources over a topic in a least two body paragraphs . Of course you may blend more than two sources and you may certainly do this on more than paragraphs. To make this easier please consider r providing an explanatory synthesis that provides information on one side of the issue (social work)of the issue that you are arguing. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE A THESIS STATEMENT9A DECLARTIVE STATEMENT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT.)This statement can be later expanded into a thesis that make an argument for my essay.please make sure you provide an introduction and conclusion  they should help a reader ease into and out of the work.

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Explanatory synthesis
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