Ethical SWOT analysis

This week, you will complete an ethical SWOT analysis of the Social Media Technology  you have selected for your Course Project. In industry, a SWOT analysis is used to create a structured assessment of a business plan, opportunity, or action. By considering strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, a SWOT analysis is an effective tool to summarize and assess products, services, and actions. Not only does a SWOT analysis help you understand the context of a particular action or problem, but it will also set the stage for action and goal planning.

Using this methodology, you will create a SWOT analysis of the technology you are investigating for your Course Project. As part of your analysis, you will evaluate the following.

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Ethical SWOT analysis
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  • Strengths:
    • What are the advantages of the technology?
    • How will it positively impact culture and society?
    • What are other potential gains?
  • Weaknesses:
    • What features of the technology may hinder success?
    • What are the limitations of the technology?
    • How does the technology address issues of equity?
  • Opportunities:
    • What are external factors that may contribute to the success of the technology?
    • What social, political, and/or cultural trends may influence reception?
    • What are the opportunities for growth?
  • Threats:
    • What external factors may pose a threat to the success or adoption of the technology?
    • What social, political, and/or cultural trends may influence reception?
    • What are potential hurdles to growth?

A successful assignment will

  • include all four areas of the SWOT analysis;
  • be one to two pages in length;
  • be composed using Microsoft Word and using 12-point Times New Roman; and
  • format and cite sources using the seventh edition of APA.

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Paper format
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  • Any citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard)

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