Equation for photosynthesis.

1. summary equation for photosynthesis.
2. Three pigment solutions are given to you. The first pigment, Ap, contains four −OH and two −NH2 functional groups. The second pigment, Bp, has two −OH groups. The third pigment, Cp, has a very long hydrocarbon chain and is totally non-polar. You are told to separate these pig- ments by paper chromatography using a non-polar solvent. Predict the locations of the three pig- ments on the paper with respect to the solvent front after they separate. Explain
3. In response to shortened daylight and cool temperatures during the fall, tree leaves display a beautiful array of colors from red to orange to gold to yellow. Explain this phenomenon using your knowledge of photosynthesis and photosynthetic pigments.
4. Deep ocean dwelling red algae range in color from pink to red to dark purple. Identify the pho- tosynthetic pigment that gives the red color to these algae. What colors and wavelengths of light do you think this pigment absorbs?
5. A new photosynthetic plant is discovered on Mars. It is blue in color. Draw the absorption spec- trum and the action spectrum for the pigments in this plant.

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Equation for photosynthesis.
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