Environmental Policy Evolution

Environmental Policy Evolution

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Environmental Policy Evolution
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  • Describe how public policy regarding the environment has evolved at the state and federal levels since the 1970s.
  • Describe aspects of environmental politics that surprised you while reading the case studies on mountaintop removal and sea level rise.
  • Explain key structural and process issues that affect environmental policy.
  • Include appropriate reference to the assigned readings to support your statements.
  • Apply correct APA citations and format to your response.

American Politics and the Environment

Chapter 1, “The American Political Setting and the Environment” (pp. 1–20)

Chapter 2, “American Federalism and Environmental Politics” (pp. 21–46)

Chapter 3, “Public Opinion, Interest Groups, and the Environment” (pp. 47–70)

Chapter 4, “Congress, the Legislative Process, and the Environment” (pp. 71–98)

Chapter 5, “The Environmental Presidency” (pp. 99–122)

Daynes, B. W., Sussman, G., & West, J. P. (2016).

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