Engineering Ethics


Part I – Sustainable Development – maximum 3 pages – 35 marks Select one Sustainable Development project – from your own research or from one of the following links: Federation of Canadian Municipalities – Green Municipal fund Case Studies World of Walas Projects PM Network Projects Provide a short overview/introduction to summarize the project. Explain how this project satisfies the Brundtland Report’s definition of Sustainable Development. Discuss how the development of this project relates to two (unique) Engineers Canada Guidelines in Sustainable Development, by imagining how these guidelines could have informed the development, or how they are reflected in the project’s outcome. Part II – Ethics of Emerging Technology – maximum 3 pages – 35 marks Select an emerging technology Provide a short introduction and describe the technology generally. Describe a specific associated product or application that will result from the development of this technology. Identify and discuss two (unique) associated ethical issues, risks or liabilities that exist or could arise in this field of technology. Support your views by researching, citing and referencing your sources. Identify any equity issues. Will certain groups of people be impacted negatively or more positively? Cite your sources. Provide your personal opinion. How can engineers developing this technology mitigate some of the risks you have identified? Answer the question – “Is it ethical to experiment with this emerging technology in society? Part III – Leadership Development Plan – maximum 2 pages – 30 marks Discuss the value you place on life-long learning. Articulate your vision for managing your personal leadership and technical development over the first part of your career and identify/describe 4 specific activities Cite sources if applicable Maximum marks will be awarded for evidence of awareness of issues, logical arguments, a clearly stated opinion, and significant academic support of your opinions and arguments.   Pages:  Maximum Total of 10 pages including Title Page and References. Title page:  Include title, course name/code, instructor’s name, date, student name and number. Format:  Clearly label Part I, Part II, Part III with headings.  Use proper grammar and a professional writing style. Style: Times New Roman, 12pt, Double spaced, 1-inch margins, page numbers. References: APA or Chicago style. Use in-text citations and references to credit your sources. Use quality resources including websites, books, journals, newspapers, and other periodicals. References for all 3 parts of the paper should be included in one Reference section at the end of the paper. Failure to credit sources will result in academic penalties.

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Engineering Ethics
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