Employee performance

Adobe Systems Inc, a famous multinational company recently face an issue regarding the high rate of employee turnover especially after employee receive their reviews from performance review sections. The root causes were due to disappointment of the employee toward the performance review process which lack of feedback and transparency. Therefore, Adobe decides to change into a new performance management system called Check-In, a tool used to keep track of the employees’ performances continuously and enable the employees to achieve the company goals and business targets through by employee’s collaboration. It also helps the company change the broken performance reviews into frequent and regular feedback. After the implementation of this new performance reviews system, a survey shows that 80% of employees feel supported and recognize by the company and the turnover rate has been decreased by 25%.
Which purpose of performance management will be more difficult to achieve for companies like Adobe that decide to abandon ranking or rating employee performance? Justify with two (2) relevant answers

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Employee performance
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