Effects of greenwashing on consumerism in canada

Hello there! We are tasked with writing an essay about sustainability topics, I chose to write about the effects greenwashing on consumerism in Canada. I will attach the necessary documents which include the guidelines as well as an example of a previous essay posted by the professor. There are two types of proposals the one I am tasking an expert to do is a formal proposal (not the informal section included in the powerpoint attached) . You should be able to distinguish between the two. I will also attach any other documents i might have missed that I deem necessary. This essay should be informative, well written and should include various studies or surveys that are pertinent to the topic. Please feel free to send me any questions that you might have and I will be sure to respond as fast as I can.  Regards, Zayd

Pisano – Solo Writing Project (black and white version) Reports – Formal types

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Effects of greenwashing on consumerism in canada
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