Economic effects of the novel coronavirus

Consider the following: What are the current and predicted economic effects from COVID-19 (i.e. unemployment, predicted changes in GDP, etc.)?  What is the federal government doing in response to assist in mitigating the economic consequences of COVID-19?  What might some of the unintended consequences be of the government spending and how will it impact the national deficit and debt?  Since the economic impacts are still unfolding, there will be many different viewpoints. Try to locate multiple credible sources and explain some of the different viewpoints. You should have a title page and a reference page; an abstract page is optional. The paper must be typed and double-spaced with one-inch margins and a font no larger than 12 and in APA format. You must use in-text citations to give credit to your sources throughout paper.

Macroeconomics paper_S1

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Economic effects of the novel coronavirus
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