Dreaming and the COVID-19 Pandemic

I need you to review the article I have attached and do the following: Instructions:  This assignment will help you demonstrate that you have met many of the learning outcomes for this course, in particular (from the course outline): Briefly summarize the research: what did the researchers do? What did they find? The summary should only take up one paragraph of your paper. Discuss the research in the context of our course. Do not simply summarize the article; the majority of your paper should be your analysis of this concept in the context of course material. Assume that the person reading your paper has also read the article. Think back to all of the different modules that we’ve covered: Cognition and Language, Intelligence, Personality, Motivation, Emotions Stress and Health, and Social Psychology. Flip through your notes and think about the concepts and key terms, and how they might apply. 1. Identify how scientific research is used by psychologists to investigate how human behaviour is impacted by individual, social and clinical factors 2. Differentiate among and apply psychological theories that inform our understanding of motivation, personality, emotion and intelligence 6. Identify biological, socio-cultural and psychological approaches to understanding human thought and behaviour 7. Analyze and evaluate information using critical thinking, skeptical inquiry and knowledge of the scientific method 8. Apply psychological principles in the context of real-life examples. 9. Define plagiarism and evaluate the credibility of research sources.

Dreaming and the COVID-19 Pandemic- A Survey in a US Sample

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Dreaming and the COVID-19 Pandemic
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