Drafting a corporate e-mail policy

Business Law Questions

Briefly discuss some of the issues you should cover when drafting a corporate e-mail policy
Look at the picture and answer the questions: Do you think this mark can be successfully registered as a trademark? Why?
Explain when the copyright in a literary or artistic work would not vest in the author or creator.
Explain the difference between an instrument “payable to bearer” and one “payable to order”
Three months into her job Portia is stopped by security at the gate one afternoon on her way out. They find two expensive laptop computers in her car. They call her manager and she is fired on the spot. Discuss the lawfulness of her dismissal.
Portia is employed as a management accountant. After a month she discovers that she is pregnant. She is scared to tell her boss in case she is fired. What should she do?
Suppose between deliveries John decides to visit his girlfriend. After spending an hour at her flat he bumps the car in front as he is pulling away to drive to the next delivery. Is Shady Juice Co liable for the damage he caused? Discuss.
John is hired but his contract describes him as an independent contractor. He has to work from 07:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday and reports to the transport manager who gives him his daily delivery schedule. When he is not doing deliveries he is required to wash vehicles and clean the yard. After a month he requests two days leave but is told that as an independent contractor he does not get paid leave. Advise him.
Discuss whether the conditions imposed in the notes are lawful.
. Discuss the requirements for the giving of notice for a shareholder meeting

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Drafting a corporate e-mail policy
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