Domestic Violence


Research Project: Each student will be required to write a literature review. A literature review analyzes The requirements of the literature review are as follows: Format 1. APA format* 2. Minimum of five references 3. Minimum of 10 pages (Including cover page, abstract, introduction, literature review, discussion and references)   Content 1. The topic should relate to forensic psychology, such as domestic violence, child abuse, policing,etc. 2. Use primary sources as much as possible (Websites are secondary sources). 3. Literature review must have a thesis statement. This statement may summarize, integrate, or reinterpret the data.     The outline of the APA format research paper: 1. Cover page 2. Abstract: A brief summary of the project including the research question, hypotheses, and conclusions. 3. Introduction: A summary containing the importance and history of the topic, related theories and findings, and your thesis statement. 4. Literature Review: Describes research that has been done on the topic. Evidence that both supports and refutes your claim and how you reconcile this difference. 5. Discussion/conclusions: What are your final conclusions? What further research could be done to support your conclusions? What implications exist for your conclusions? 6. References: (1) Kristen A. Berg, Anna E. Bender, Kylie E. Evans, Megan R. Holmes, Alexis P. Davis, Alyssa L. Scaggs, Jennifer A. King, Service needs of children exposed to domestic violence: Qualitative findings from a statewide survey of domestic violence agencies, Children and Youth Services Review, Volume 118, 2020, 105414, ISSN 0190-7409, ( (2) Kiamanesh, P., & Hauge, M. (2019). “We are not weak, we just experience domestic violence”—Immigrant women’s experiences of encounters with service providers as a result of domestic violence. Child & Family Social Work, 24(2), 301–308. (3) Griffith, R. (2017). Domestic violence protection measures. British Journal of Nursing, 26(13), 768–769. (4) Elisa Marta Mauri, Antonella Nespoli, Giuseppina Persico, Virna Franca Zobbi, Domestic violence during pregnancy: Midwives׳ experiences, Midwifery, Volume 31, Issue 5, 2015, Pages 498-504, ISSN 0266-6138, ( Abstract: Objective (5) Tsirigotis, K., & Łuczak, J. (2016). Emotional Intelligence of Women Who Experience Domestic Violence. Psychiatric Quarterly, 87(1), 165–176.

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Domestic Violence
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