Do you have enough information to take action?

Suicide Assessment

Your client is elderly, has recently lost his spouse, and sees no reason to go on living. During a visit to the client in his new assisted living facility, the client revealed to you that he has experienced tremendous grief following the loss of his wife and does not want to live. In your assessment of this client, you are concerned that he has the motivation to kill himself, has decided on the means with which to do so, and has no supports to constrain him from taking such action.

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Do you have enough information to take action?
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Prepare a suicide assessment of this client along with a plan for his treatment. In your assessment, address each of the following questions in addition to any other items you feel are requisite.

  1. How would you assess this client; what would you require to better evaluate his suicidal state?
  2. Do you have enough information to take action?
  3. What action options would you consider taking given his suicidal ideation?

. 3 references.Your paper should be two or three pages in length with document and citation formatting . apa format

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