Do the lyrics match up well with the music video (logos)?

Must write a 3-4 page essay on any music video. I choose scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara. Choose a music video that you are interested in and perform a rhetorical analysis (ethos, pathos, and logos) on it. What makes the music video credible (ethos)? Are there other well-known musicians or celebrities in the video? What emotions (pathos) are shown/portrayed within the video? Do the lyrics match up well with the music video (logos)? Does it make sense? Why or why not? We probably have all seen music videos that make no sense at all or dont really relate to the lyrics very well. For logos, you could talk about what you might change if you were the director in order to reach a larger audience. Since this paper will run 3-4 pages, make sure you choose a music video you are able to analyze in great detail.

Grading Criteria:  You should be able to demonstrate the ability to do the following:

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Do the lyrics match up well with the music video (logos)?
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Summarize the music video (keep the summary short; one or two well-developed paragraphs (10 sentences each) is usually long enough.
Explain what you think the videos argument (message) is, and thenmore importantlyhow the video attempts to persuade or convince you, i.e. through ethos, pathos, logos. What unspoken assumptions do you have to accept for the argument to prove valid?  Does the author/band provide good backing or support?
Show sufficient organization and have appropriate grammar and sentence structure.

Upon the completion of this assignment, students should demonstrate the ability to:

Use terms of analysis (i.e. rhetorical, logical, cultural, visual, or linguistic) to interpret a spoken/ visual media form
Write an analytical thesis and support it with well-paragraphed details
Reach a conclusion based on the application of the terms of analysis
Use the appropriate tone and language for a particular audience
Use the proper level of citation throughout the essay

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