Diversity Best Practices

Case Study (100) Whirlpool’s Diverse Talent Retention Strategy | Diversity Best Practices
Whirlpool recently revamped their HR strategy into a People Excellence Strategy, establishing an operating system based on specific analytics they had gathered. In reviewing their diversity scorecard, it became apparent that Whirlpool had a “leaky bucket” problem. While they had made strides in the attraction and hiring of diverse talent, they were losing that talent at the same, if not a faster, rate. Clearly something needed to be done to engage and retain that talent.
To address this issue, Whirlpool’s talent management and diversity organizations developed a retention risk assessment toolkit. The toolkit includes three phases:
• Assessing the impact Whirlpool would face should an employee leave
• Understanding the likelihood that an employee will leave
• Creating action plans to prevent this regrettable loss
1.1 State the research problem in the given case study. (3)
1.2 What methodology would be appropriate for this study? (2)
1.3 Examine FIVE (5) strengths of the methodology you have selected. (10)
1.4 Examine FIVE (5) drawbacks of aforementioned methodology. (10)
2.1 Identify and evaluate two broad categories sampling designs available to researchers. (4)
2.2 Develop three research questions and three objectives based on the current case study. (6)
2.3 Explain with appropriate examples when it would be appropriate to use the following: (15)
I. Random sampling
II. Stratified sampling
III. Snowball sampling
IV. Cluster sampling
V. Convenience sampling
3.1 Draw a table outlining the differences/main features between the qualitative vs quantitative research approaches. (10)
3.2 Critically discuss pilot testing and why is it important for researchers to conduct a pilot study.(5)
3.3 Evaluate five (5) ethical considerations that relate to responsible research in human sciences and give examples relevant to the case study. (10)
4.1 Evaluate case study research. (1)
4.2 Evaluate the following qualitative data analysis techniques: case study, thematic analysis, grounded theory and give examples. (16)
4.3 Critically examine four considerations that a researcher should keep in mind when using a case study approach and give examples based on the abovementioned Whirlpool case. (8)

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