Dishonesty as a Character Issue, Questioning Leadership, Believing and Credibility


Leaders do not always frame the problems that abound in the organization for all to know. Morgan (2011) suggested that leaders put their decisions to the test by communicating. Morgan (2011) also stated a gambit of questions for the people of the organization to pose; How did it happen? Why didn’t anyone in office know about it? Why did it take so long for the problems to surface? What good news can come from this? In the government the main question is ‘will this pass the newspaper headline test’. Which is to say if this issue goes to press will the City, County, State, or Federal Government, look bad? When leaders start communicating their plans the staff can identify flaws that cause issues such as bankruptcies, headline tests, and force reductions. Putting the leader’s decisions to the test would be to communicate it to the entire organization. Communication is a rare trait to find in a manager, as most would like to work out issues alone. Should we question leaders/leadership? Reference: Morgan, N. (2001, November) Put your decisions making to the test: Communicate. Harvard Management Communication Letter, 4(11) p1-3 R

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Dishonesty as a Character Issue, Questioning Leadership, Believing and Credibility
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