Discuss cultural change in modern society and cultural lag.

Questions to think about for your summary of Chapter 3:What is culture?Define and give examples of each of the key components of culture,symbols, values and beliefs, norms, mores and folkways, social control, ideal culture, and real culture, material culture, cultural diversity, subculture and multiculturalism.Discuss cultural change in modern society and cultural lag. What do we mean by global culture ?
This chapter summary is not asking you to summarize every detail of the chapter but instead to hit what you believe to be the important points. This summary must be 2 complete pages.Any summary that does not meet that requirement will not receive credit. I have listed questions for each chapter in your syllabus. These questions serve as a guide and you do not have to answer every question in your summary. In general, if you have answered 3 of the questions in your summary, you have doneenough.This summary should also follow standard essay format.do notwant to see a summary that simply lists the questions and then answers them. A summary that is not in standard essay format will not receive a grade.

This is the link that you will use in case you want to read the chapter 3https://bbhosted.cuny.edu/bbcswebdav/pid XXXXXXXXXXdt-content-rid-396370077_1/xid-396370077_1

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Discuss cultural change in modern society and cultural lag.
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