Discuss a range of evidence informed interventions.

Maud’s person centered care plan.Based on the case scenario provided, submit a person-centred plan of care that presents ONE care need, the goal to be achieved, a range of evidence-informed nursing interventions and a rationale for how these will be implemented to achieve the set goal.2000 wordsCase ScenarioMrs Maud Bodie (preferred name – Maud) is a 77-year-old woman, married to George. She has three children (all married, living within 20-mile radius), four grandchildren and one great grandchild. Maud enjoys walking the dog and spending time with her family.Due to underlying medical conditions and ongoing restrictions due to Covid, Maud only goes out once per day to walk the dog. She feels very isolated from her family and is anxious that she may be susceptible to the infection due to her underlying medical conditions. Whilst out walking, Maud tripped and fell, hitting her head and was unconscious for a short period of time, she sustained a laceration above her right eye.Maud was also complaining of severe pain in her right hip and her right wrist. An ambulance was called and took Maud to the emergency department of the local hospital, where she underwent a number of investigations and had sutures to the laceration above her eye. Following X-rays Maud was diagnosed as having sustained a fractured right neck of femur and distal fracture of right radius and ulna.Past Medical History:Maud was diagnosed with heart failure three years ago following a myocardial infarction. She also has a history of hypothyroidism (diagnosed 24 years ago).Current Medication:Digoxin 125mcg once dailyWarfarin 1mg once dailyLevothyroxine 50mcg once dailyCurrent Situation:Maud was admitted to the trauma and orthopaedic ward and underwent surgery later that evening for right hemiarthroplasty (half hip replacement) and internal fixation (pinning) of the right radial and ulnar fractures. She has now returned to the ward.Physiological Monitoring on return to the ward:Respiratory rate: 18 breaths per minuteOxygen saturation: 95% (28% O2 therapy)Heart rate: 120 beats per minute and regularBlood pressure: 100/82mmHgTemperature: 36.8oCCurrent neurological status: A – GCS 15/15 (E4; V5; M6)Pain score: 9/10Neurovascular assessment of limbs: pulses present, no parathesia, no paralysisGuidelinesYou can use subheadings for the different sections e.g. care need and goalInclude an introduction and conclusion.Identify one care need based on the information contained in the case studySet the goal to be achieved, this should be a SMART goal.Discuss a range of evidence informed interventions. Ensure the evidence you use is from valid sources. Sources should be from 2015-2021.Discuss how the interventions suggested will be implemented, ensuring that your care plan has clear evidence of using a person-centred approach to care. This will need to include the rationale (the reasons why) care should be given in a particular way. The post Identify one care need based on the information contained in the case study.

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Discuss a range of evidence informed interventions.
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