Describe what a journey into the Sun might be like.


astronomy question

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Describe what a journey into the Sun might be like.
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1. Describe the contents and positions of the things that make up our solar system. What are the observed patterns (motion, composition, etc.) of objects in our solar system? What are the observed exceptions to these patterns? Explain the current theory of how our solar system formed, highlighting how it explains both the patterns and exceptions.

2.Describe what a journey into the Sun might be like. The journey should begin as the travellers are approaching the Sun, and conclude when they reach the core. Include everything that would be encountered, including all the zones within the Sun, and describe how the nature of the different zones would affect the trip.

3. Describe how a star forms, from its earliest ingredients until its arrival on the main sequence. Include details on the forces at play, and what happens at each phase of development. Also include details of what happens in fusion reactions.

4.Contrast the lives and deaths of low-mass stars versus high-mass stars. Detail the differences in the stages of death, and what is left at the end. Include how the stars move on the H-R diagram as their lives come to an end.

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