Describe the airline flight operations information system

Here are the instructions for this paper:


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Describe the airline flight operations information system
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Airline flight operations information systems are utilized in the airline environment to provide data to airline flight operations and flight crew training departments’ personnel (flight crew training; flight crew scheduling; flight planning & dispatch).

In this research paper assignment, you will select one airline flight operations information system utilized in the airline environment from a list of the topics provided below. After conducting a thorough research process, you will compose and submit a scholarly paper.

Select one of the following airline information systems topics:

Flight Crew Training Fight Simulators
Flight Planning & Dispatch Information Systems
Flight Crew Scheduling Information Systems
In your research paper:

Describe the airline flight operations information system and differentiate the solution that you selected from the competing solutions offered by other vendors/manufacturers.
Identify how the key users of airline flight operations information systems benefit from the implementation of the technology.
Explain how the airline flight operations information system enhances airport operations, safety, and/or efficiency.
To receive a high-level grade in this assignment, you must put forth a considerable amount of time and effort. You will be graded on the scholastic quality of your paper and the fulfillment of the requirements stated in the Requirements section.

Submit a scholarly paper that addresses the following:

Utilize Microsoft Word.
Title Page (Page #1).
Body of the text (4-5 pages) to include:
Centered title of the paper.
Introductory paragraph.
In-text citations for direct quotes or paraphrased data from primary sources.
Reference List Page (Page #6 or #7).
Times New Roman 12-point font
Double-spaced lines.
APA Style 7th Edition
Utilize the APA_Style_7th_Edition Template.docx.Preview the document Edit the template to remove the informational notes and add your data. Select Enable Editing immediately below the Microsoft Word toolbar to be able to edit the document.
Be sure to proofread the data thoroughly before submitting it for evaluation and grading.

Be sure that you save your paper in a DOCX format with the following naming convention: First name Last name Assignment number.docx. For example, Abe Lincoln 4.3.docx.

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