Decisions lead to different directions in life. Does a person’s behavior or choices determine their destiny?


Topic and Research Question Topic: Decisions lead to different directions in life Hypothesis: Everyone can make their own choices due to free will. Is there evidence that our behavior is based off our destiny? Do we create our own destiny or is it already created for us? Research Question: Does a person’s behavior or choices determine their destiny? Disciplines Incorporated: The two disciplines I plan on using are religion and behavior science. Justification: Religion and behavior science will become useful in providing more feedback to my hypothesis. The more I think about it, the more I believe there is a chance that I would be able to answer my question. I have always been questionable about a lot of things due to believe and other personal experiences. The truth might be years away but what I can gather up now will be a step forward for me in finding the truth. I will acknowledge the probabilities of these behaviors being connected to our fate. There are a lot of questionable possibility that will become clearer once I study these two disciplines. Prompt: In 1,000-1,200 words and using at least five scholarly, relevant, and appropriate sources, create a literature review of the scholarship around the topic of your research proposal.   Requirements: 1.     A literature review requires two things: it summarizes the context of other scholar’s work related to your topic, and it mentions the research gap that you propose to fill. Both of these are important to mention and to emphasize. 2.     You must use third person 3.     APA formatting including a title page but not an abstract 4.     Your title must include your areas of study. 5.     In the context of this assignment, it is important to remember that you are summarizing the most current and relevant research to your topic. This means that even many books will not be considered scholarly sources. A self-help book, a book published for a general audience, or a textbook will usually not be appropriate as a scholarly source for this assignment (though they may mention sources that are more trustworthy). Generally, journal articles, peer-reviewed books, and books published by university presses (for the purpose of scholarship) are good sources to begin with.

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Decisions lead to different directions in life. Does a person’s behavior or choices determine their destiny?
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