Decision making

FULL INSTRUCTION IS IN THE FILE. The assessment consists of one (1) instruction. Students are encouraged to respond to the instruction using decision-making Theories/Models and with relevant examples in the case study. v The instruction will require you to provide an analysis of the case study exam that will be made available during the exam period (Demonstration using previous BB site). Note: An effective response would address four key issues: Ø  Identified decision making issues/problems (Minimum of four (4) issues/problems with examples from the case study). Ø  The cause and effect of the identified issues/problems Ø  A decision on the root cause(s) of the identified issues/problems Ø  Recommended solutions to the identified decision-making issues/problems. STRUCTURE Introduction §  Context/background of the case study §  Summary of analysed issues §  Summary of levels of analysis §  Main theories supporting the analysis Analysis Ø  Issue 1 Ø  Issue 2 Ø  Issue 3 Ø  Issue 4 Ø  Root cause of the analysed issues Recommendations (Focus on improving decision making) Ø  Suggestions on how to address the Root Cause – cite relevant decision theory to support your recommendation. Ø  Suggest how each of the 4 analysed issues will resolved. Cite relevant decision theory to support the recommendations. §  Recommendation for issue 1 §  Recommendation for issue 2 §  Recommendation for issue 3 §  Recommendation for issue 4 Conclusion – Optional References: Academic sources (APA 6th edition referencing style), and prominent corporate cases where applicable. Word limit 1500-1800 wordsCASE STUDY ANALYSIS OF Decision making (1)

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Decision making
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