Create your own theory of development


Task: Create your own theory of development that answers how can we understand the process of growth, maturation, and development in humans. Your theory must: focus on either physical, psychosocial, cultural, or gender development 6 points span the entire lifespan 6 points be supported by academic research: citing your textbook 6 points ( textbook —> IMPORTANT****** at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles that have DOI numbers. 6 points Use raptor search or to find research articles. Describe your theory of development in paragraph form in a statement of rationale (6 points) and create a corresponding graphic organizer or infographic (6 points) . LINK—->>> ( IMPORTANT*************** Your infographic should be a clear, comprehensive, visual representation of your theory. Think of the posters and infographics that you may see in the doctor’s office or perhaps infographics that circulate on social media. Your final submission should be one PDF file that includes a copy of or link to your visual infographic and the statement of rationale. Notes: Your theory should be a detailed explanation of how human growth and development occurs. Take into consideration the three big questions: stability versus change (understanding those qualities that seem to remain relatively constant throughout our lives versus those that change as we move through the lifespan) stage versus continuous (the difference between abrupt changes and those that occur more gradually) and nature versus nurture (the unique and/or common roles that genetic mak

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Create your own theory of development
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