You are asked to conduct an interpretative analysis. Watch the underwear commercials below. When we use underwear, it is rarely visible to others. How does capitalism market underwear then? How do manufacturers promote expensive underwear? Underwear is a multibillion-dollar industry globally. With the marketing of underwear, we see with clarity the creation, manipulation, and exaggeration of desires. The commercials are mainly made for North American and European viewers. They contain sexually explicit material. Group 1 (Walking Jack men’s underwear) (Agent Provocateur women’s underwear) Group 2 (Knix women’s underwear) (Step One men’s underwear) Group 3 (Label unknown: women’s underwear) (Chae Hong: men’s underwear) (Agent Provocateur women’s underwear) Pick two commercials. They must be from separate groups (e.g. one from Group 1 and one from Group 2). Write an analysis of the productions. How do they seek to stimulate desire for consumption? Consider the deployment of bodies, emotions, values, sentiments, identities, lifestyles, conventions, actions, narratives, music, or words as well as notions of class, status, or taste or other aspects of social life. Support your interpretations with evidence from the commercials. (1) Research on marketing and advertising is required. Find two academic articles (at least) with concepts and approaches that can help you interpret the content of the commercials. (2) Complete the main text in fewer than 800 words. Put the number of words at the end of the paper. (3) Use this format of citation in the text—(Gill, 2008). List the articles under a separate reference section at the end of the paper using the style recommended by the American Sociological Association. For quick reference, see:  For example:ReferencesGill, Rosalind. 2008. “Empowerment/Sexism: Figuring Female Sexual Agency in Contemporary Advertising.”  Feminism & Psychology 18: 35–60.

Untitled document (4) (1) Nov 10 – A Theory of Global Capitalism Ch 2

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