Consumer waste


Description: For this project, you choose a specific industry or business to study a materials process flow and material balance, including the worker health and safety concerns, waste stream management, and pollution prevention opportunities. Chapter 1 of your Guyer textbook gives you the background necessary to get started on your project. Depending on what industry you decide to study, one or more of chapters 10 – 28 in your textbook should give you additional information on your specific topic area. Week 6 of our course has additional resources that you may find helpful for your project. Suggested industries to study are listed below. Once you choose the industry, to make your project more manageable, you will likely need to choose just one process or one area of the industry to focus your study. Potential Industries to Study: (Note: This list is from Chapters 10 – 28 of your Guyer textbook) Petroleum Chemical Production Mining Metal Production Metalworking Electroplating and Metal Finishing Paint and Surface Coating Integrated Circuits and Electronics Assembly Printed Wiring Board Pulp and Paper Graphics and Printing Textiles Agriculture Food and Beverage Furniture Finishing Wood Preservation Medical Nuclear Consumer Waste Paper: For this project, you will be submitting a written paper for grading near the end of the course. Your instructor will be looking for the following items to evaluate your project for a grade: Six or more type written pages that have been proofread. (Errors in spelling or grammar may result in as much as a 25% deduction in your score.) Pages will have 1” margins on all sides and must be double spaced with references cited throughout the paper and included in a list at the end of the paper. You must use at least five different references. (Not citing references or using enough references may result in as much as a 15% reduction in your score.) Descriptions of the process you are studying and the industry you have chosen. A process flow diagram for the process you are studying/researching. Although it may be difficult for you to obtain a material balance for your process, some kind of an estimate on the quantity of materials in the process and the quantity of waste generated is important. A description of what wastes are generated and how they are managed. A description of waste minimization or pollution prevention actions taken by the company. Areas where further opportunity exists for waste minimization or pollution prevention in the process and why you believe this. Worker health and safety issues or challenges associated with the process and how they are addressed. Contact your instructor if you have questions or need assistance. You may find the following information about preparing research papers helpful to you. Web links to Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab: The types of research papers and what a research paper is: The meaning of a “research question” Be sure to list your references in your paper. The following is a summary of the type of information you need to write down so that you can systematically cite them in your paper. o Online reference: If it is an Internet site, give the site address (URL) and the date the website was last updated. (If that is not available, at least put down the date you read the information.) o Journals, magazines, and newspapers: You need to give the name(s) of the author(s), page numbers, date of publication, volume and number of the publication. o Books: You need to specify the author(s), date of publication, publisher, title of book, and page numbers where information was found. o SDSs: Give name of chemical, source of SDS (company or Web site), date of SDS. o Personal communication: You should give the person’s name and the date you spoke with them. You should also indicate why they would be considered an appropriate information source (e.g., chemist, regulator, etc.) You need to use some kind of consistent format for citations in your paper. The following links are good resources: The Columbia Guide to Online Style–Citations: Purdue’s “Owl” Online Writing Lab: You are writing this paper. Be sure to summarize the work of others in your paper and give them credit. Do not simply copy pages from the Internet and turn them in. (This will receive a grade of 0.) You should be summarizing and synthesizing the information you learn about your chosen industry into your own words.

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Consumer waste
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