Compose a public health policy brief

1. For your final project, imagine you are working with a group of older adults facing a public health policy issue. You have been asked to advocate on behalf of this group by developing a policy brief to present to a representative of your state or a state with which you are familiar. You will need to identify the public health issue with the assistance of your population. Your next step would be to compose a public health policy brief explaining the purpose and significance of the public health policy issue and provide recommendations to a policy maker with potential solutions.


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Compose a public health policy brief
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First, read Chapter 9 in The Aging Networks: A Guide to Programs and Services. Next, conduct a brief internet and/or library search and find an article or resource on a current (published within the last three months) aging-related topic that holds some significance for you. In a journal assignment, address the following:

  • Briefly discuss the aging issue covered in the article or resource. How is this a critical issue?
  • Reflect on the impact of this issue on the aging American population. What does the impact mean for the future of healthcare, services, or policies and programs?
  • Consider this aging-related topic in light of your current and future professional work and/or career goals. How does this topic, and the future needs of the aging network, intersect with your personal or professional trajectory

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