Compensation Assignment


As for this compensation assignment, it is worth 30 points. To earn the full 30 points, responses will need to accurately apply course concepts to the article below. Read the New York Time’s article titled: “Lotto Tickets Are Nice, Boss, but Can I Have My Bonus?”.  (Links to an external site.) Consider this news article from the perspective of the course material on: the powerpoint of Compensation I and II You are welcome to apply additional course materials if you see them as relevant. Considering what we learned about compensation theories, why do you think United Airline’s lottery was not successful in motivating its employees? Considering what we learned about the various plans for recognizing employee contribution, make two suggestions for pay incentives to United Airlines. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the incentive methods you suggested? Is there any equity issue with using the lottery instead of a standard bonus? Why or why not? How would you feel if your company provided a lottery to motivate you? In order to receive full credit: Your response should be a minimum of one single-spaced page, but a maximum of two single-spaced pages (12 front-size Times New Roman with 2.54 cm/one-inch margins). Your responses should be thorough. You can respond to each question separately. If you choose to do so, please indicate the question number.  Or you can write in full paper/paragraph format. Do not copy the entire question into your answer. You should integrate course materials into your answers, accurately APPLY the course materials, and demonstrate high-quality writing (grammatically correct, complete sentences).

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Compensation Assignment
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