Commonplace Book/Learning Journal Powerpoint


The Common Place book will provide documentation of your participation in online discussion groups, reflections on topics discussed, your developing perspectives on these topics, and an awareness of your core values, beliefs and identity.  Attempt to integrate readings, and make reference to the aims of education where appropriate.  This common place book provides evidence of your personal reflection and engagement in online  and class discussion. The expectations for writing in the commonplace are straightforward To write regularly in response to significant readings, and To have the courage to creatively interpret your own experience(s) through what the readings offer. In responding, the purpose is not simply to summarize a reading (although you should offer a brief interpretation of the salient points an author makes), but to write, (re)present something about how the reading /class discussion speaks to you the kinds of questions it raises for you in terms of your quest to understand issues related to the aims of education and your experiences and “self” as an educator/ student/person/, etc. how this relates to central concepts (Big Questions) in the course. You may consider keeping a section on definition of terms—the lexicon of social justice, diversity, ally ship. You may find an emerging language used to discuss concepts in the domain, and you are encouraged to use this language in your postings, reflections and writing. (MORE THOROUGH INFO ATTACHED IN PDF PLEASE READ) 20 slides power point form, pictures, words, articles, I have attached a instruction manually more throughly. ANSWER THE 4 DISCUSSION POSTS questions AND SAY WHY THEY WERE CHOSEN; also use articles have attached in the pdf to support the discussion posts. Write many reasons which support the position you are debating for. USE EXAMPLES TO SUPPORT Argument of the 4 discussion posts.

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Commonplace Book/Learning Journal Powerpoint
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