College Admission: Challenge and How I Overcame Essay Sample

The challenges currently faced by college students are enormous as a result of the many issues in the system of education. Learners are deemed as inexperienced when dealing with particular challenges that may end up, resulting in certain conditions such as anxiety or depression. However, I view the challenges and struggles as part of every individual’s life. At the start of my college career, I experienced particular problems that required assistance to handle them. The greatest challenge I faced as a student was the shortage of funds. I believe that most students are generally stressed in regards to their finances. This challenge was mainly as a result of worrying about having enough money to cater for my school as well as paying for my monthly expenditures. Being a student, I was unable to regulate my savings, therefore, proving challenging to cater for all my expenses. Furthermore, I always found myself borrowing and spending money, thus, ending up in debt as a result of the ever-increasing expenditure in school. As a result, the financial issues had a grave impact on my academic performance.

To overcome this challenge, I resolved to learn how to start learning ways of earning little income to supplement the pocket money I received. In achieving this, I began teaching individuals in exchange for payment by conducting home-based tuitions, online tutoring, and joining nearby tutorials. At some point, some local tutors would seek individuals that may assist in rectifying examination papers or assignments. I would also work as a standby or temporary teacher in the event that a particular teacher decides to go on leave due to medical or personal reasons. To save money, I would pack homemade snacks and reduce the number of times of purchasing food from the canteen.  

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