Clinical mental health counseling/ case study; assessments


ASSESSMENT PROBE: MEETS CMCH K.4, H.1, and H.3 Final Analysis Paper Use the case study which discusses a client whose presentation, signs, and symptoms are ambiguous. You are to prepare a paper describing a ‘battery’ of assessment methods and tools to assist you with diagnosis and treatment planning, complete with a justification for your selections on the basis of the client’s characteristics and needs. Your paper will be divided into four categories:  -A general description of the client’s presenting problems. – A description of what information is needed to diagnose the client, as well as to plan for treatment. – A detailed description of the specific assessment methods and tools that are required to gain this information, as well as a plan for scheduling, administering, and interpreting the results. – A discussion of whatever ethical and cultural issues must be taken into consideration, and how the results will be communicated to the client. The format of the paper must be APA guidelines. Outside sources are necessary for writing this paper.  Reference to class discussions, as well as course text, may be used in this paper in addition to the other scholarly resources. Properly document all resources used in this assignment. The paper must be 8-10 pages typed (including the title page, abstract page, and reference page) with standard one-inch margins and 12-point font.  Points will be deducted for grammatical and spelling errors. You must be able to present an accurate clinical picture of the various concerns addressed in your selected approach to counseling assessment. This will ensure a top quality paper, which will benefit you significantly in this course, and in your professional life. PLEASE NOTE: Because this is an assessment probe, you must score 80% or better on the paper in order to pass the course.  For this assignment you are provided a case with basic intake information. The case is attached. Diagnosis and treatment planning would be difficult and inappropriate given the limited and vague information provided within the case. Therefore, you need to make an assessment plan. There are 2 parts to this assignment. The first part is the Assessment Plan. – The Assessment Plan should describe a ‘battery’ of assessment methods and tools to assist you with diagnosis and treatment planning for this case, complete with a justification for your selections on the basis of the client’s characteristics and needs. The second part of the paper is a Reflection.  – For the reflection, identify how the concepts of Professionalism and Core Skills relate to this assignment.  Look back on the discussions and assignments from earlier in the course. Discuss how the earlier assignments provided a foundation for this assignment and how you incorporated them when preparing your Assessment Plan. You may add this as a conclusion at the end of the assessment plan. Active Goals ID Goal Goal Set Name Category CMHC K.4 Understands the relevance and potential biases of commonly used diagnostic tools with multicultural populations. CMHC H.1 Selects appropriate comprehensive assessment interventions to assist in diagnosis and treatment planning, with an awareness of cultural bias in the implementation and interpretation of assessment protocols. CMHC H.3 Screens for addiction, aggression, and danger to self and/or others, as well as co-occurring mental disorders.

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Clinical mental health counseling/ case study; assessments
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