Climate Refugees


Kindly read and follow instructions as requested. The number of refugees around the world have increased over the last ten years, mostly due to fragility, conflicts and violence. As climate change intensifies, there is an increasing chance for the world to see “climate refugees”, from low lying countries and especially from Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Pacific and elsewhere. Imagine you are a policy maker working for the UNHCR and advising them on developing a Climate Refugee policy. a. Describe some of the top 2 immediate challenges you foresee for such potential “climate refugees” will face. Analyze this from political, economic, social and environmental perspectives.  b. Can a “blue diplomacy” approach/lens be used to address these issues before those climate change impacts occur? If yes, develop a scenario showing how this can be done, outlining also the steps you would take to ensure success. c. For the “welcoming countries” for those climate refugees, what are the top 3 immediate opportunities you foresee?

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Climate Refugees
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