Civil Engineering (Sponge city, Greening, Hong Kong)

DOCTORATE REQUIRE You MUST knowledgeable in Civil Engineering. Also you MUST have experience using with several softwares in this industry. For example: InfoWorks ICM, FEA, ANSYS, CFD simulation software. Otherwises, you will not availble to take next order for 15000 words. You are requiring come up a topic with three main elements : Sponge city, Greening, Hong Kong. Also, what softwares you will use, assement, testing and evaluation, etc. Hence, it’s very rely on what softwares you are understanding in deeply that to set a topic and the following 15000 for Research Disertttaion.Guideline for Rearch Proposal Development and Assessment of Adaptive Urban Flood Risk Infrastructure under Conditions of Deep Uncertainty

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Civil Engineering (Sponge city, Greening, Hong Kong)
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