China has undergone a process of “modernization,”

Between 1842 and the present China has undergone profound political, social, and cultural changes. Some see this as a process of “Westernization,” in the sense that many of these changes were promoted by Chinese historical actors who wanted to remake China according to Western models that they had come to see as normative or ideal. Others argue that China has undergone a process of “modernization,” but that it would be wrong to characterize this as a process of “Westernization” because Chinese historical actors were able to adopt changes selectively, and because the goal of these changes was not to become like “the West” but to strengthen China. Explain which perspective you find more convincing, or propose an alternative way of looking at the issue.

Paper requirements:

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China has undergone a process of “modernization,”
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– Paper must have a clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph, and the body of the paper must offer clear and structured support for that thesis.

–Paper must demonstrate a mastery of assigned course readings. The paper must cite at least five different primary sources from the readings I GIVEN to u , and these citations should be carefully selected to support the paper’s argument. No outside research is required

– Paper should be at least four pages in length, and no more than five pages. It should be double-spaced in 12 point font.

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Sextants of Beijing, chapter 4

Sextants of Beijing, chapter 5

Restless Empire, chapter 3

Restless Empire, chapter 5,6,8

These are the other readings in the Kindle


Plz read the requirements carefully. USE ONLY THE SOURCES I PROVIDE (NO OTHER OUTSIDE SOURCES!!!

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