Characterization Sample Paper: Beyond the Door


The main character of the story is the cuckoo as the entire plot is focused around him. The theme of the narrative is focused on him too. The cuckoo is the main character because all the characters of the story, including Doris, Larry and Bob, are aware of him. Virtually, all the characters are connected because of the cuckoo. The characters are described through dialogue, as evidenced by the remarks they utter. The nature of the characters is revealed when they engage in dialogue. It is through the conversations carried out between the characters that the reader can grasp their attitudes and behaviors. The characters are static because they do not change across the entire plot. Their opinions and perspectives do not significantly change across the narrative.

  As aforementioned, the characters’ qualities manifest through the dialogue between them. Doris appears to be lively and energetic in the manner she interacts with the cuckoo. She is happy when Larry gifts her with that particular antique that is similar to the one her mother had. Through the entire narrative, Doris appears to be warm and friendly through her interactions with other characters. Larry, on the other hand, is aggressive and self-centered. He continually reminds Doris that he is the one who purchased the antique; thus, it belongs to him(Dick, 1954) . Further, when he finds Doris and Bob in the house, he becomes angry to the extent that he sends them away, disregarding their reason for being together. Through the narrative, Larry appears to be hostile and ignorant of others’ feelings. Bob is friendly, as evidenced by his interactions with Doris. He is also calm as he does not argue with Larry when ordered to leave the house. The cuckoo is friendly and caring since it comes out of the door when other caring individuals such as Doris are present in the room.



 Dick, P., 1954. Beyond The Door

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