Career Essential Research Paper

English 195 Career Research Paper   NURSING IS MY TOPIC You are writing an informative essay.  Your audience consists of students new to the school who have not yet declared majors.  You are pretending that you have graduated, and you want to give information about your major.  You will include the education required to become a graduate in your field, the roles and responsibilities of someone in your career, and the future outlook for a person in your career.  (Roles are the many jobs someone could hold with your career, and the responsibilities are what the job entails on a day-to-day basis.)  (Future outlook includes the salary, the predicted job growth, and the locations for jobs around the country.)  This information may be found in BLS, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but remember that you must use three sources (.gov; .edu; and .org.)    Directions 1.      Type using a 12 point font and double space. 2.      Paper should look professional. 3.      Paragraphs must be indented or spaced one line apart. 4.      A title must be included. 5.      Your first page should have your name, the name of the course, the instructor, the date, and the title of your paper. 6.      You may not use Wikipedia!!!!!!!   Criteria 1.      This is a research paper, so you cannot use any personal pronouns:  “I,” “Me,” “We,” You,” “Us,” “Our,” “Your,” or “My.” 2.      Accurate information must be used. 3.      Conventional grammar is required. 4.      Conventional punctuation is required. 5.      The thesis statement must have no fewer than three thesis points and no more than five thesis points. 6.      Each paragraph must have a topic sentence and be focused on a thesis point. 7.      Use transitions between paragraphs. 8.      The conclusion must restate the thesis points. 9.      Each support paragraph must have at least one example. 10.  When quoting or paraphrasing, you must site sources, both internally (…) and on the “Works Cited” page. 11.  A minimum of two sources should be used to support your points.  12.  A “Works Cited” page must be included to document your sources. 13.  Sources used must be “org,” “gov,” or “edu.” 14.  If you turn in a Works Cited Page with just URLs, you can not pass this assignment. 15.  Your essay must also meet the Career Essentials criteria.


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