Cardiovascular computed tomography

Pick a hot topic about CT.  As you all know CT is always being reviewed and updated in protocols and in equipment all in order to reduce the amount of exposure given per exam.  Some articles or topics have made it to the airwaves and worldwide through the internet and now it is time for you to chime in.  You are to pick a topic, article, peer review, news clipping, magazine article, whatever you like and give a review of what is being mentioned, a clear view of the problem, what is being done about it or what is being suggested to fix it.  You should close with a personal view of what you feel should be done or what is important to consider when reading this article.  You are required to follow the APA format as close as possible.  Some of you may be familiar with this already and if you are not, then I suggest looking at the sample papers and follow the format.  I have a link posted on Blackboard for access to APA information.  You will need an abstract (appetizer)!  I want the meat and potatoes followed by a nice close (dessert).  Site your sources!  Written assignments are to be submitted through Blackboard in the appropriate drop box.     Proper format and constructed reference list: 10 points Proper use of header and cover sheet: 10 points Proper content to include abstract and body: 30 points Research paper should be 3-5 pages in total with at least 3-5 references. Body: 3-5 written pages (excludes title page and bibliography) Include abstract page

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Cardiovascular computed tomography
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